Martha  is an exceptionally gifted animal communicator. I recommend her above  all others because she is a truly authentic person. She really walks her talk as a heart centered practitioner and does what she does with  compassion and love at the center  of it all. Your animal friends can be  in no safer hands. 
Rachel Keene


​In  working with Martha Grace, I have been blown away by her insights,  compassion, level-headedness and commitment to helping both animals and  people. It’s probably impossible to overstate how important it is to be  able to consult an unbiased intermediary who can tune into what a loved  one is saying and feeling. Even more importantly, someone who is such a  clear “translator.”
Martha is able to tune in — much like a radio  station picking up a frequency, and there is nothing hocus-pocus about  it. She will tell you if she’s not clear and makes no crazy claims or  demands. I love working with her, talking to her and am ever grateful to  a friend for telling me about her!
KIM / Lost Cat Finder 

   I  have had such a wonderful experience talking with Martha about many of  the animals here at my rescue. You think you know so much about them but  the insight I got from Martha helped me see even more. A new home, a  certain food, a companion... these are things I would like to know about  the pets here at BestPals Animal Rescue Center. Are they contented  living here while waiting for a forever home? Is there anything we can  do better? Are they in pain? Why are there litter box issues?  Having  answers to these questions helps us direct our attention in the right  place. Even when the Vets are not sure, the animal may add light to a  certain situation and that is something Martha can share with us. We  love each and every pet we have here so much and with Martha's insight  we were able to see that they are ok and they understand that they are  on a road to their forever home. We will keep them healthy and happy  until that time.

Thank you Martha, for your insight to our cause, happy pets will be easier to adopt.
Michelle Kenat 
Director BestPals Animal Rescue Center  


I  run "The Cow Sanctuary", in Shiloh, NJ. Two of the animals here were  very, very closely bonded...Patrick, a big Yorkshire farm pig, and  Jerry, a holstein steer. When Jerry died, Patrick was inconsolable. The  day after Jerry died, Patrick went to all the favorite spots that he and  Jerry used to go to together, and of course, did not find him. That  night he went back into their shelter, laid down, and did not leave  again. This was three years ago. Other cows that he knew came to keep  him company, but he would have nothing to do with them, nor did he want a  pig companion.  He stopped eating on his own. If I put food in his  mouth, he would swallow it, reluctantly, but he would not help himself  if the bowl was set in front of him. This continued for several months,  finally I called Martha and asked her if she could have a talk with him.   I I wanted to know if there was anything at all that I could do for  him that would make him feel better.  He replied  "Lasagna". So I made  him a pan of lasagna. When I brought it to him, he  reached for it, then  ate it with gusto!  It was the first thing since Jerry's death that  he'd shown interest in.  It was the turning point... for the past three  years, he has happily eaten lasagna daily, and gradually begun to also  eat other things.

Thank you, Martha , for helping him turn the corner in his grief !

Helga Tacreiter 


Great  Pyrenees Misti cringed in a far corner of a back room, terrified at  being removed from her rescue shelter and placed in an unknown new home.  Misti had come to the rescue from a home where she had been isolated  from the rest of the world and with little human companionship, shelter,  or decent water. At the rescue she was sweet and loving but very wary  and after the home placement failure, we did not know what we could do  next to find a new home for her. 

We brought the problem up to  another adopter who had adopted a Great Pyrenees with significant fear  issues and she suggested that we contact Animal Communicator Martha  Grace, who had helped the adopter communicate with her Pyrenees with  outstanding results. Not sure what an Animal Communicator did., or how,  we contacted Martha who patiently explained her procedure to us.  Following this, we scheduled a time and date where we, Misti, and Martha  would engage in in a 3-way conversation. Not sure of the process, we  were amazed when Martha asked Misti what she liked about the rescue and  the response was "I love my blue bed and fresh water every day" (her bed  was blue). As the discussion continued, we learned that she had no  shelter other than trees and shrubs and was never, ever, allowed inside  the house. With Martha's help, we were able to tell her that she was  loved and safe and that we could be trusted. Following the meeting, we  began a slow process of walking with Misti every day including walking  near a door to the house (but never going in) until one day we walked up  to the door with her, opened it, and to our surprise, she walked in on  her own without fear of any kind!

Trust obtained, and fear  banished, we knew it was time to find another home for Misti. We felt we  had the perfect home for her if she would accept the idea of leaving  the rescue and going into a new home. So, we needed Martha's help again.  Another meeting was set up we explained to Misti (through Martha) that  she needed to go to a new home that we had found for her and asked her  if she would like to go to the person we described. The answer was  "yes". So a few weeks later she hopped into our van and when we arrived  at her new home she hopped out of the van, said hello to her new owner  and then on into her new home with aplomb, met several other dogs  already there, and has now settled down into a new and very happy life.

This  is a success story that we thought could never happen. It is a success  story that would not have ever happened if Martha Grace had not suddenly  appeared in our lives. We will be ever grateful.

John K., Great Pyrenees Rescue & Sanctuary