Good things to know before a session.

I do not need to see a photo at the beginning of the session, I ask for a physical description of your pet.  I take that time to ask the animal permission  to have a conversation with them and they will most often respond by showing me something  about themselves to confirm that they are connected.

Shy animals are often willing to speak, sometimes they will need a bit more coaxing and time to open up and get talking.  By asking  them easy questions at first can be help to encourage them to say  more.  With a bit of encouragement they are often very happy to share  their thoughts. 

I am often asked if the sessions can include animals who have passed over.  As long as they are ready and willing to speak with us, we can most certainly have a conversation with them. 

I  will work with current clients only for lost pets.  Animal  communication can be a support tool when your pet is lost, but it is not  the sure thing that we would like it to be. Unfortunately, lost pets are one of the most difficult issues that we deal with.  Lost animals can shift into "tunnel vision" that does not always allow for much information in or out.  A short session can be worth while and there is a series of questions that we can ask them that can help.  The best results come from well informed neighbors.

In the case of lost cats, please look at Kim Freeman's website-

Many people like to be with their animals at the time of the appointment
but it is not required. 

To prepare for a session, some people like to write a list of questions to help to remember what they would like to ask. In other cases people like to just let the conversation flow and take it's own path.  Other than that no other preparation is needed. 

Although I  do my best for beneficial results in all sessions, there is always
free will.  I can make requests of the animals and often they will make 
adjustments. There is no guarantee that there will be a change
​in behaviors, or that lost pets will return home. 

 These sessions are not a replacement for Veterinary care or help of other professionals. They can be full of wonderful surprises and the insights that these animals in our lives can provide can be profound and also on occasion, very funny. 

For information about setting an appointment, please go to the "Contact and Payment" option on this website. 

  "Happiness is a warm puppy."

 Charles Schultz